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Our Philosophy

At The Wiggle Room, we believe that the experiences a child has in the first years of life are critical to development. With this in mind, we strive to fill our days with meaningful
and educationally sound activities that will enhance all aspects of our children’s lives. At The Wiggle Room, we know that learning, fun and play can all go hand in hand.

Infants & Toddlers

Our infant classrooms begin enrollment at 6 weeks of age. Our toddler classrooms serve children who are 1 or 2 as of September 1st.

About Us

Family Owned and Operated

The Wiggle Room is owned and operated by a family of former Pasadena I.S.D. educators. Suzanne Hernandez, director and co-owner, was a 3rd grade teacher and school librarian before going into business with her mother, Carolyn Elender. Carolyn has an integral role in The Wiggle Room's pre-kinder program.  Her experience teaching 4th grade and then writing elementary math curriculum for Pasadena, has made her an invaluable asset.


Birth to 11 months

Lovebugs, Ladybugs & Snails

These classrooms teach our tiniest students ranging in age from 6 weeks to 11 months. The students spend time every day listening to books being read aloud and songs being sung. They are exposed to baby sign language daily and enjoy plenty of floor time to explore their surroundings and promote their gross motor development.  Our infant rooms have schedules that best accommodate the ever changing needs of their students.

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Snails Tour
Snails Tour
Ladybugs Tour
Ladybugs Tour
Playing dress up at school!

12 to 23 months

Inchworms, Glowworms & Frogs

These classrooms teach our students ranging in age from 12 months to 23 months. Formal academic and social goals begin in these classes.  We provide daily exposure to rote counting 1 to 5, mastery of color identification, expansion of verbal vocabulary through the use of real life pictures, gross motor development through guided physical education and basic shape identification.  Hands on and edible art activities are incorporated to expand their knowledge through play.

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Glowworms Tour
Frogs Tour

Ms. Haylee loves watching her students grown and learn new things. She enjoys the uniqueness of each child. She has worked in preschool for 2+ years

Ms. Haylee loves watching her students grown and learn new things. She enjoys the uniqueness of each child. She has worked in preschool for 2+ years

Ms. Haylee loves watching her students grown and learn new things. She enjoys the uniqueness of each child. She has worked in preschool for 2+ years


2 years

Caterpillars & Butterflies

These classrooms teach our students who are 2 years of age.  In these classes, we expand our academic goals to include rote counting 1 to 15, mastery of basic shapes, letter identification and basic exposure to letter sounds, name identification and gross motor writing skills. We begin teaching social goals by encouraging empathy and compassion for others and by purposefully practicing sharing and taking turns.

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Happy Go Texan Day!



This classroom teaches our students who are 3 years of age as of September 1st. These students are presented with the same curriculum as the honeybees, but at a slightly faster pace.  This faster pace will not be appropriate for all students.  This classroom will incorporate additional elements of science and technology to expand understanding and exploration.

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Ms. Nelly

Caterpillars Teacher



Our prekindergarten classroom is for any child who was 4 on or before September 1st. Their curriculum includes upper and lower case letter identification mastery, upper and lower case letter writing mastery, rote counting to 100, skip counting, cvc word dissection and pronunciation, Dolch word memorization, numeral identification and writing, addition and subtraction skills and much more.  This is an advanced program with additional elements of science and technology. The pace of this program may not be appropriate for all students.

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School Agers

We provide transportation and care for children ages 5 to 12 years.  Drop off and pick up is available at the following schools: Bush Elementary, Teague Elementary, Jensen Elementary, Turner Elementary, Fisher Elementary, Fairmont Elementary (Deer Park I.S.D) and Pasadena Classical Academy.

Before School Care and Transportation

After School Care and Transportation

    Summer Camp


We provide a hot breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack to all students.

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This classroom teaches our students who are 3 years of age. In this class, we continue to build on their academic foundation. They master important skills such as rote counting to 25, letter identification, numeral identification to 15 and letter sounds. We focus on fine motor skills to promote proper writing form and master all upper case letters and the writing of their name.  Our teachers continue to promote social goals by directly teaching about self-control and providing a safe spot with options on how students can calm their bodies.

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We love the Wiggle Room! I have kids that have been here from infant to after school care for 5+ years now. Teachers are great!!! My son left for Kinder SO prepared! Highly recommend!


Both of my children attend this daycare. I love it!!! My oldest has been here for now 3 years, and our little baby has been here since he was 3 months old. Of course I was really worried taking my infant to daycare, because I have never had to in the past, but the staff here was real reassuring. I breastfeed my baby, and they accommodated my daily visits during lunch and were extremely patient with me. The staff does an amazing job with my boys, and I highly recommend this place to anyone.


My daughter loves it here. She's been here for almost 1 full year. She loves all her teachers (there are 2 morning/2 afternoon). I like the way they all seem to know who your child is and greet them by name--including the front office staff. I would and have recommended this place to family and friends.


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